Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Floristry 2 Evening Class

Floristry 2 Evening class begins Monday August 12. It is four nights a week for three wonderful exciting and creative evenings from 6:00 to 9:00.
Monday August 12
Tuesday August 13
Wednesday August 14
Thursday August 15
Monday August 19
Tuesday August 20
Wednesday August 21
Thursday August 22
Monday August 26
Tuesday August 27
Wednesday August 28
Thursday August 29
This is an advanced class where you will create design styles as Phoenix,Waterfall, tropical designs, centerpieces. The design style is discussed, the mexcanics and product are presented, then each student with the guidance of the instructor create finding each their own design style. The designs are taken home to keep, share or use as marketing tools for your business.
Call Cheryl at 612-362-3133 to sign up today to join .

State Fair Design Competition #2

State Fair Design Competition heading just before this post is information for you to create some designs for the State Fair.
Generally you as a designer have a few people to look at your designs and evaluate them so you can grow as a designer. Entering this competition will give tyou the venue to create and be evaluated , and possibly win ribbons. Many students of The Institute of Floristry have gone on to win many blue and other colorful ribbons.
Read the information on the web site, choose from many levels of design. Start at the beginning, design your way up.There are many categories at each level. Enter with a child or grandchild, there are several categories for young designers as well.
Then send me your picture with your design, wheather you win a ribbon or not, let's celebrate your creative spirit.

State Fair Design Competition

Additional premium lists and entry forms may be obtained by:

downloading from the Minnesota State Fair website, (Competitions, Ag-Hort-Bee)

emailing the Competition Department at

writing the Competition Department, Minnesota State Fair, 1265 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55108

calling the Competition Department at (651) 288-4417

Online registration! Registration for entries is available online at the Minnesota State Fair website, for all divisions except Farm Crops, classes 103-111. See instructions at the beginning

of each division

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Powdered Alum and Hydreangea Experiments

The question of dipping the end of hydrangea into Powdered Alum comes up at our programs here at Koehler & Dramm,florists ask about it all of the time. Does it really work? Will it help my hydrangea last longer?

It was time to experiment for my own, after all we have the most beautiful and fresh flowers, I bought the Powdered Alum everything was ready.

There were two vases of hydrator, two vases without hydrator, two vases with flower food, two vases without flower food, two vases with foam with flower food, two vases with foam without flower food. All vases were clearly marked; product was measured to the instructions. The experiment was done the same way two times. One stem of hydrangeas was cut, and then dipped in Powdered Alum; one was cut, and then put in the vase, with and without foam.

The conclusive evidence is that it is imperative to use a hydrator and flower food when processing hydrangeas. There was no strong evidence that the Powdered Alum was a defining factor in the lasting quality of the blossoms. The information that was reinforced to me is that one must use a hydrator and flower food, following the instructions on the label. Use fresh clean water, sharp clean tools, clean design and processing areas. Over and over this evidence came out strong and clear.

Water is different everywhere, even in your home, because of pipes and how far it travels, if it is well or city, with or without fluoride. The best advice that I can give you is to have your water tested. Contact one of the major flower food companies; find the contact information on the container. Ask them how to test your water so you are using the correct flower food, and then follow their instructions.

With the idea of water being different, some water may react more positively to Powdered Alum helping the flowers cognitively, and then for goodness sake use it.

Please contact me with questions. I will do my best to find answers. I don’t have all of them, but I know really smart people that will help both of us.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Society of American Florists

When you are a member of Society of American Florists you will receive a message each week, Sales Wake Up. It is always full of interesting important information for the floral industry more important for your business.
This morning I reposted the article on how to make sure your hydreangeas are fully hydrated, it is priceless information,very timely with the summer weddings and events.
Go to www.safnow website, or call Society of American Florists at 1-800-336-4743. Ask about becoming a member, the benefits,publications, meetings and networking. This is about the business of being a grower,wholesaler and retailer,all together, helping each other. Call me at 1-612-362-3102 if you like ,I will talk with you about SAF and what it is to me personally.